Welcome to KidzVil Pediatric Dentistry where we welcome A World of Growing Smiles. Our primary goal is for you and your child to have an awesome experience while visiting the dentist. We believe that a smile is universal so please expect to be greeted with a welcoming smile from our staff.

Please check in your child’s name at our kiosk and your child’s name will be called in the order of arrival. In the waiting room, your child can enjoy the KidzVil play area that includes child friendly games, educational books, and even an area for your child to do homework. We also thought of you as a parent while you wait. Feel free to light refreshments at our Beverage Bar and enjoy reading a magazine or watching TV along with your child. We strive not to have a long waiting time in the waiting room, but just keep in mind some kids may require a little extra TLC than others. If at anytime we are running a few minutes behind, our lovely staff will inform you because we believe in transparency.

Once your child’s name is called you will be escorted to KidzVil Sparkly Teeth area where you will be asked pertinent medical and dental history. Digital x-rays may be recommended for your child in which we only follow the guidelines of American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Our trained staff will sparkle your child’s teeth and may even show them how to properly brush their teeth at our Brush Station.

After your child’s cleaning is completed, we will assure that your child gets rewarded by stopping by our prize section and capture a picture at our KidzVil Gallery Wall.

Before you leave we will offer your next cleaning visit and schedule your next appointment according to your child’s needs.

Don’t forget to leave us a positive review on our social media pages or Google.

At KidzVil Pediatric Dentistry your time will be very valuable to us and we will continue to provide exceptional service to your child.